About us
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About us

Get to know our company

Established in February 2008, Arus Juta Sdn Bhd is a 100% bumiputra-owned construction company and the company has successfully completed all projects awarded and achieved on their own standards. Our company also comprises employees with expertise in their own field. Our philosophy is to give our best to our customers. By instance of professional cooperation, our employees are committed to carrying out tasks with the quality of work within the stipulated time.
We also work with clients from the public and private sectors in commercial
retail, office space and industrial projects. This will give us the space and
opportunity to grow more advanced. By making vision, mission and philosophy
as the ultimate goal, Arus Juta Sdn Bhd will be a pioneer in the construction
industry and property developers.

Our Vision

Making Arus Juta Sdn Bhd one of the contractors and developers with high standards in all aspects.

Our Mission

Become contractors and developers who are able to provide housing and
commercial properties according to the needs of our customers.


Always provide customer satisfaction for quality, innovative, safe products and


Build and develop housing with more affordable value so that more people can
afford to buy and own their own property assets.

Core Values

Customer Oriented, Quality, Innovation, Initiatives, Teamwork and Value for

 Safety and Health

We take seriously on safety and health issues in all of our projects and
management. Our safety and health policy contained the following

Protect, Assure & Promote

To protect, assure and promote the safety and health of employees, customers and others who may affected by Arus Juta Sdn Bhd business activities.

Occupational Safety

Maintain a management system approach to occupational safety in accordance with the requirement of Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA)

Statutory Requirements

Comply with the statutory requirements as the minimum standard for safety at work and all others for whom the company has statutory obligations.

Safety Educations

Continuing scrutiny of programs and ongoing employee training and education in occupational safety and health.

Client Safety Engagement

All Contractors engaged in connection with the Company’s business are competent in respect of safety and health requirement.


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